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Summary: set after the events of The Winter Soldier (so there may be spoilers) Bucky has remembered his past and is living in your (an ex S.H.I.E.L.D agent) house (he has yet to find or tell Steve). A rouge Hydra agent breaks into your house. Bucky comforts you afterwards and he gets a haircut. Warning: may include fluff.


You hear the door open and close. So you call out.
“Bucky is that you?” you wait for an answer. No one answers and you hear footsteps along the corridor. You grab the gun Bucky made you have on your person at all times –you silently thank him for that even if you did protest at the idea- you creep along to the door silently. You crouch and lean round the door frame pointing the gun in front of you. You look up to the face of the intruder and find it is some man who you have never seen before. You stand and face him keeping the gun trained on him.
“Who are you? What do you want?” I glare at him trying to make him answer faster. He keeps his gun trained on me.
“I am a hydra agent and I’m…” He doesn’t finish the sentence as you’ve planted a bullet in his head and heart.
“Here to capture The Winter Soldier. I know.” You sigh Bucky told you this could happen. He said as soon as you heard the words Hydra agent you were to kill them. And that’s just what you had done. Killed a man. You had taken a life. You sink to the floor. How could I do that? Just shoot a man dead. But if I didn’t I’d be dead. You put the gun beside you, hug you knees to your chest and start to cry. Your worst nightmare has come true.

A while later Bucky comes through the door. He glances down at the agent and then to you.
“(y/n) are you alright? What happened?” he kneels down beside you. You look up at him and speak with a shaky voice.
“I’m fine. He said he was an agent from Hydra. So I shot him. And now he’s dead. Bucky I killed him.” He takes your hand and pulls you up. Sitting you on the sofa beside him.
“Better him than you. He would have killed you (y/n). You’re safe now. Let me take care of this mess you sit there and try to keep yourself calm. He leaves to clean up the body. You stay where you are but grab your phone and start to play a game on it to keep your mind off things. Once he is done and you’ve completed level 27 on Tetris he brings you a cup of tea and sits in his arm chair he loves so much –though you’ve no idea why. You notice something different about him.
“Did you get a haircut?” you ask.
“Well…er… yes. There was a reason I wore it like this back in the war. And that reason is I like it this way.” You notice his cheeks go slightly red despite his cool tone.
“I like it. It makes you Bucky. It shows you’re not the Winter Soldier anymore.” You smile and sip your tea.
“Thanks.” He says it so quietly you almost don’t hear it. You finish your tea and glance at the clock. 11:30pm. Time to get some sleep.
“I’m going to bed. Goodnight Bucky.” He looks up.
“Goodnight.” You change into pyjamas and crawl into bed.

You wake with a start breathing heavily. You can’t remember what the nightmare was about but you know it was nothing good. You hear muffled thrashing and Bucky’s panicked voice but only softly. He is having a nightmare you conclude. You rush down the hall to Bucky’s room. You open the door to find he has a layer of sweat over him and his blankets are twisted round him.
“Bucky!” you rush over to his shirtless form.
“Bucky! It’s me! It’s (y/n). You’re okay. You’re safe. Shhh.” You lightly touch his non-metal arm. He sits bolt upright.
“(y/n)?” you look at him with sad eyes.
“You we’re having a nightmare. I came to check on you.” He looks guilty.
“Did I wake you?” you almost want to laugh. He was having a nightmare and he was worried about you.
“No. I woke from a dream myself. Then I heard you. Are you okay?” he rests his head back.
“Yes. No. I don’t know. I’m fine for now.” You smile.
“If you’re sure then I’m going back to bed.” You turn to go but he grabs your hand.
“Stay with me. Please. Just for tonight. I…” you smile. You can’t help but smile when he gets nervous. And though you can’t see it he is blushing.
“All you had to do was ask.” You help him straighten out the sheets and climb into bed. He puts on a plain t-shirt and you just think of how gentlemanly he is. He climbs in beside you and almost pushes you out. You put your arms around him to prevent that and after a few seconds you both start to laugh. It’s a nice sound his laugh. It’s the first time you’ve heard it and you want him to laugh more because it’s such a nice sound.  
“I had a nightmare too. I can’t remember what about but I had a nightmare too. I...” you don’t know what to say.
“It’s okay. You’re here with me now.” You fall asleep cuddled into him and neither of you have another nightmare that night.
So this is my first x reader. I'm sorry if Bucky seems ooc I did try.

I don't own Bucky or anything you recognize from marvel.
you belong to bucky ;)
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Awwww sooooo much fluff its cute
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"you belong to Bucky"
(it was all i could say at the moment)
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